How can I enjoy playing PPGmaing professional table games?

table games


We know that Solitaire, Matching Games, Shedding Games, Staking Games, and many more games are undeniably fun and exciting. But did you know that we can play these different card games in just one app? This game app is called PPGaming Pro. PPGaming Pro Online Casino opens the doors of opportunity to those who want to enjoy and earn money without going out in their comfortable home. One of their offered games is PPGaming Pro Table Games. In PPGaming Pro Table Games, you will find different games of cards and choose which card games you like. Besides card games, they also offer Dice Games and Roulette which is why it is called PPGaming Pro Table Games. In my experience of playing PPGaming Pro Casino Table Games, I find it fascinating because their animation is so fantastic that I don’t even recognize that I’m playing an adult game because of some cute graphics. PPGaming Pro Table Gambling Game can have a bet for as low as 5 PHP and may go as high as 2000 PHP.

Game Providers

table games

In PPGaming Pro Slot Games, seven well-established companies offer their awesome games for everyone interested. Evolution Gaming, SexyBcrt Gaming, Venus Gaming, KA Gaming, Millionaire Poker, Jili Gaming, and Rich88 Gaming. You can play 35 games these seven companies offer in PPGaming Pro Table Games. In those 35 varieties of PPGaming Pro Table Games, I played Dice Games, Roulette, 3-Player Rummy, and Baccarat. In PPGaming Pro Table Games, I explored Evolution by Evolution Gaming, Red Blue Duel by SexyBcrt, Domino, Dummy, and Xoc Dia by Millionaire Poker. So far, I have encountered and played roulette, dice games, baccarat, lucky nine, and matching games.

table games


Let’s first tackle my experience playing Evolution by Evolution Gaming in PPGaming Pro Casino Table Games. Games in Evolution have wide varieties. You can play Crazy Coin Flip, Dragon Tiger, Sic Bio, Black Jack, Super Andar Bahar, and many more table games. I played Crazy Coin Flip and Super Andar Bahar. Crazy Coin Flip is a slot game with a live coin flip bonus. You must catch three coins in one spin to win amazing prizes. The graphics of Crazy Coin Flip is like what you always see in a regular casino, or if you are familiar with the GTA game, you will recognize this design. The minimum bet per spin here is 5 pesos. That’s relatively low for what unique gifts you might get in return. So I love this game so much.


Now, let’s move on with Super Andar Bahar. I recommended this game. The mechanics are elementary. You’ll have to guess. First, the casino dealer will raise a card and then show it to everyone. You’ll have to think about how many cards it will take to get the exact figure or number. Also, you can bet on which side the exact figure or number falls. Is it to Andar or Bahar? You may guess from the groups 1-5, 11-15, 16-20, 21-25, 26-30, 31-35, 36-40, 41-45, and 46-49. I’ll give you an example. You have to guess the number 2 of ace. Ace, Clove, Heart, and Diamond are not necessary for this game. You’ll have to figure out what kind of number or figure it falls. Let’s continue. You bet in the group 6-10, then chose the side Bahar. In groups, you bet 50 pesos in 6-10 groups, while you bet 20 pesos in Bahar. The revealing of cards began. It falls on the seventh reveal of cards and the side Andar. Now, you lose on the side because you chose Bahar instead of Andar. But you’ll get double the amount you bet in groups since the reveal falls in the 6-10 group. See? It’s just simple. For the betting amount, you can bet as low as 20 PHP and then go high as 5000 PHP. You can also double it if you want. Super Andar Bahar is a famous Hindi game with an exciting super-charged side bet for multiple winnings.


In terms of playing in Red Blue Duel, there are two modes. You can play Classic or Insurance. In these modes, you can play four types of games: Baccarat, Dragon Tiger, Dice, and Roulette. It also offers what kind of girls you want to be your casino dealer, Whether Asian, Sexy, or Special. For modes, I always chose Classic, then went for sexy casino dealers. I explore the four types of games they offer in red Blue Duel. My favorite so far is Baccarat. Baccarat is like a lucky-nine game. However, you will not be the one to play. Instead, you’ll just bet. It is between the Banker (red), Player (blue), and there are some moments that it is a tie (green). You’ll have to guess which side is the closest to get the number 9, considered the highest number. It will automatically become zero if it is 4 of hearts and 6 of cloves. The cards per side is a minimum of two, but it can sometimes go with three cards at its maximum. The bet is as low as 10 pesos and as high as 200 pesos per chips.


Lastly, the games I explored by Millionaire Poker are Domino, Dummy, and Xoc Dia. In Dummy, it’s a card game called 3-player rummy. Compare to the three, this game I find is the hardest to play for me since I’m not really familiar with playing 3-player rummy. But from what I experienced, it will teach you what moves to do. So, if you are a beginner and you want to try this one then this is suitable for you. you can bet as high as 5 pesos to 200 pesos. But they set a permitted table in which if you only have 1000 pesos in your account, you can only go as high as 10 PHP bet.

For Domino, the mechanics are pretty easy. You’ll just have to connect your dominoes to someone’s domino. But, as your dominoes decreases, it will be hard for you to connect since you have a different amount of dominoes. The player in each table is 4. The bet is from 1 pesos to 50 pesos. If you have 5000 PHP in your account then you can enter the 50 PHP bet.

And for the last game, I played in Millionaire Poker, the Xoc Dia. This is my favorite so far. For a minimum bet of 10 pesos I won an amount of 300 pesos in just my 5 minutes of gaming. The maximum amount you can bet is 20K per chips. They have tables for 10 – 500. If you only have 50 PHP in your account, you can only enter up to 2nd permitted table for 50-5K. The game is just guessing. There are two colors of chips. One is white, and then the second is red. Four chips are rolling in a single bet. You have to choose how many chips will turn to red or white. Is it all white or red? Or are both 2 are white and red or only 1 one white or red? For example. You bet on even then go with three white and one red. You bet 50 PHP each. When it was revealed, the numbers of white was 3, and the red was 1. You won 100 PHP, but you chose even, so you will lose 50 PHP on your bet for the even and odd side.


As you can see, the games in PPGaming Pro Table Games are easy. Others may be complicated, but because it is online, there can be an auto option for you if you find it complicated.


If you want to try this game, you can deposit a minimum of 50 PHP and then have an additional 60 PHP once you register.

You may download and register through PPGaming Pro, both available in Appstore and Playstore. Or, if you want, you can simply click this link:

table games
table games