The magical journey of PPGaming Pro and Otso Gaming Casino tells you that you can also make money playing online casinos.

Otso Gaming Casino


The internet is innovating and changing as time goes by. There are things that seemed impossible before but are actually happening today. Due to these positive changes, people get a lot of benefits. The development of the internet has also touched the world of gaming. Before, people spend lots of money and exchange their precious time just to be entertained by online games. Now, people can enjoy online games and have fun while earning money. Yes, you read it right, you can now earn money while playing online. One of the games that makes it possible is the PPGaming Pro and the other one is Otso Gaming Casino. PPGaming Pro and Otso Gaming Casino both give you the opportunity to earn and play at the same time. However, the difference between PPGaming Pro and Otso Gaming Casino is noticeable as one is undeniably better than the other one. In this article, we will differentiate and weigh the cons and the pros of PPgaming Pro and Otso Gaming Casino. Here, we will determine the best of the best between PPgaming Pro and Otso Gaming Casino.


Before we start, let us talk first about the two games and why we need to compare the two. PPgaming Pro and Otso Gaming Casino are both games that are in the category of online gambling. It is where you need to invest money first, in order to play. There are a lot of online gambling and casinos existing but the rate of deposit is very high and risky. There are a lot of promises and yet too good to be true. If you want to use your money wisely, you need to choose the best game that will fulfill your desire to gain money and play at the same time. This comparison will help you to determine what is most beneficial for you.


Let’s start with the minimum amount of deposit, for as low as 50 pesos, you can play PPgaming Pro and Otso Gaming Casino. For the minimum withdrawal, both have the same amount of money you can take. In terms of bonus referrals, PPGaming Pro has more convenient and favorable rules than Otso Gaming Casino. In PPGaming Pro, for each referral to a friend, you will get 60 pesos, as easy as that. Take note, you can gain a referral bonus as much as you want! Because in PPGaming Pro, the referral is unlimited. On the other hand, Otso Gaming Casino’s referral system is sort of complicated because it is percentage-based. In Otso Gaming Casino, you have to follow lots of rules just to gain money by simply sending it to a friend.

PPGaming Recommendation Rules

What do I mean by referral rules? In PPGaming Pro, to gain a referral bonus, you only need to leave a message “I want to get a rebate every day” under the post and tag one of your friends. Then, share the post over one CASINO-relevant group, then complete the steps mentioned and contact Live Chat customer service, you could get “10 PHP ” as a reward. In getting the remaining 50 pesos, you need to invite a friend with the use of your account and offer the invitee’s UID and keep BONUS ON and 100php deposit certification. After completion, just provide the information for the live chat customer service, and as easy as that, you can now have your 50 pesos referral bonus.

Otso Recommendation Rules

Otso Gaming Casino

Meanwhile,Otso Gaming Casino, as I said earlier, is a percentage-based referral. The subordinate member should have at least a month of generated turnover of 10,000 to get 0.02% bonus, 30,000 to have 0.05% bonus, and 50,000 to gain 0.1% bonus. The extra bonus generated will be distributed before 15:00 on the 5th of next month. In Otso Casino, before withdrawal, the member needs one time turnover of the referral bonus. Strict rules apply where any member, group, or organization that participates in activities violation, including double-side betting, multiple accounts on the same device, software betting, wash rebate, collusive arbitrage, etc., will be automatically disqualified once verified without any prior notice. In contrast, NO STRICT RULES are applied in PPGaming Pro because they want you to enjoy the game with your friends and quickly gain money out of it. There are no difficult rules to follow, very convenient and easy to understand. The rules are suitable for all ages, especially in elderlies. Referral bonus-wise, I think PPGaming won this round.

APP download and recommendation

In terms of availability, PPGaming can be found almost in everywhere! You can visit PPGaming on the website, and download it in playstore and in Appstore! Compared to Otso Casino that can only be seen on the website. PPGaming is very accessible and can be found easily. Indeed, the two services are great providers of income and entertainment at the same time however, we can identify the difference between the two top online money-generating games. PPGaming pro casino is noticeably better and to think of it, the best online game that exists today. PPGaming Pro offers you a different level of online game experience that you will definitely enjoy. You can share it with your loved ones and friends while maximizing the benefits of the game, In PPGaming, we want to make your gaming experience unforgettable. Join our growing community NOW!

Otso Gaming Casino
Otso Gaming Casino