Should I choose PPGaming online casino or JILI casino?


Casino Introduction

PPGaming online casino and JILI Casino are two of the most popular online casinos today, but while both online casinos have the support of many players, PPGaming is online There are still quite a few differences between casino and JILI casino, and we will analyze PPGaming online casino and J from various aspects  ILI casino is different, whether you are a supporter of PPGaming online casino or JILI online casino,  welcome to read this article, maybe after reading, you will be interested in PPGaming online casino and JILI casino have different points of view to help you choose the online casino you want.



Everyone has different tastes in life. We have different styles, fashions, and passions. Currently, as technology continuously arises, a lot is happening on the internet too. One of those is gaming. Gaming is beneficial for different ages and gender. But most people who use this are men whose on their teenage years and adulthood. They are most likely explorable in any type of game. However, in today’s generation, many people and not just boys are entering the world of gaming. On top of that gaming is also a way to earn money that’s why some games offer a lot of prizes

Site Differences

First, we must talk about their website design. If you are already a player of both games you can see that there are big differences in terms of their graphics, how they positioned their offered games, and other informations. JILI Casino’s graphics are way too old for this kind of generation. They are still using a Times New Roman font where there are much prettier fonts compared to that. Also, when you are switching from another option, the graphics are somewhat messy and hard to navigate. While PPGaming Pro’s graphics is somewhat amazing. It’s like a graphic of Clash of Clans but with much cuter fonts and graphics. You can agree that the Website Designer thought hard about the graphics he/she is making. From registering to playing the game you can notice the hardwork of the website designer put into creating the graphics. Moreover, it is easier to navigate what kind of games you want to play. Just click the map icon in the left-middle corner then you will instantly see four buttons which stand for PPGaming Slot Games (game of chance), Fishing Games (enjoy catching marine mammals), PPGaming Table Games (if you are into card games), and Arcade Games (for more type of games).

Reward method


In addition to that, they are also offering a PPGaming Sabong (if you are fond of watching a thrill live cockfighting then this is for you). Second, the deposit and withdrawal. PPGaming Pro’s minimum is just 50 PHP then you can play any of the exciting games they offer. They have 100 plus games you can play with, In addition to that, you can get an instant 60 PHP when you register for the game and the withdrawal amount is 100 PHP which is easy because you can connect your GCash account. Amazing right? However, in JILI Casino, you have to deposit an amount of 100 pesos which is double amount of the minimum deposit in PPGaming Pro and you can only get 80 PHP while in PPGaming Pro it’s equivalent to 120 pesos already. Next, the incentives when we invite our friend to the game. Both of them have unlimited incentives when you invite your friend to play and enjoy the game.


However, the referral amount is way far different. JILI Casino offers 10 PHP in every single person you invite while PPGaming Pro you can receive a 60 PHP per person. Huge difference it is. Lastly, they have missions you should accomplished and you can get an added rewards. For the daily mission, JILI Casino requires a minimum of 2000 PHP deposit per day then an additional 1000 per day as it continues. While PPGaming Pro requires 3000 pesos per day but you will get a 10% rebate of diamonds every time you deposit the amount. You can use the diamond to exchange coins and you can play more games.

In conclusion, PPGaming Pro offers a lot of more positive, exciting games, and rewards to its players. JILI Casino is a good game but PPGaming Pro is the top of its game. With just 50 PHP amount of deposit you can start earning and enjoying the game at the same time. Plus, you have a lots of rewards waiting for you. Every time you invite, deposit, and accomplished missions you have additional coins that you can use to explore the game more and win more. And one more thing is PPGaming pro is a registered game that is both available in Google PlayStore and AppStore.


Now, you already know on which game you must register so don’t hesitate anymore. Start earning and enjoy the game.